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Image courtesy of dream designs /

Dr. Eric Maisel is creating a website where individuals can learn about current mental health practices, including alternatives to the DSM model. Organized around 12 vital questions, its goal is to serve as a clearinghouse for mental health professionals and all interested individuals. The hope is to present these important ideas in a way that is accessible to everybody and that perhaps can gain traction as a place where someone who is suffering ends up to learn more about alternatives to current mental health practices.

Here is the site in beta:

Volunteers are needed to locate the material (at places like the Global Summit site, Mad in America, Psychology Today, etc.), invite authors to give permission to use already-published work or contribute new work, and organize the materials that come in. Volunteers might also want to “curate” a question of particular interest to him or her. If you think that you might like to volunteer to help curate one or more of these 12 questions or otherwise assist in this groundbreaking effort, please contact Dr. Maisel at

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Eric Maisel is the author of 40+ books. His latest are Secrets of a Creativity Coach, Why Smart People Hurt, and Making Your Creative Mark. His latest offerings are Life Purpose Boot Camp classes and instructor trainings. To learn more about Dr. Maisel’s books, services, workshops, and classes please visit You can contact Dr. Maisel at