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The Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives (GSDA) is an online, ongoing platform for rethinking mental health. Two days prior to the 2014 American Psychological Association (APA) convention in Washington, D.C., GSDA will host an in-person meeting of 20 to 25 researchers and practitioners in order to address alternatives to the current diagnostic paradigm and the future of mental health systems.

The two-day meetings are intended to enhance and broaden our discussions on, which is an open and egalitarian site for addressing complex questions about psychiatric diagnosis in all of its forms: scientific, theoretical, clinical, practical, ethical, social, and political. During the in-person meetings, we intend to deliberate the feasibility of taking our online discussions to the next level, i.e., towards a new diagnostic paradigm for researchers and practitioners in psychology, psychiatry, and related mental health disciplines.

We believe there is a need for more concrete actions towards an alternative diagnostic system. While our online summit was as a starting point for these plans to commence, we hope that our in-person meetings will set the stage for taking the next step.

More details to come.

Description written by Sarah Kamens and Chloe Detrick

About Sarah Kamens

Sarah Kamens is a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Fordham University and in media & communications at the European Graduate School (EGS). Her work focuses on diagnostic discourse and sociopolitics in the psy disciplines.