Current Status of Dx

My Question to the Participants of this Summit: What do you bring to this Platform?

While I was toying with what to write for this post, for many an idea tossed in my brain, but I needed more time to organize them, I thought I want to know what everyone who is here on the DxSummit is thinking, and it ought to be known to everyone else as well....
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Diagnosis in Practice

Madness as Search for Authenticity

From self experiences that span many an episode of ‘expansion of ego boundaries’, and which got labeled as psychosis or ‘bipolar disorder’  the current researcher proposes that what is labeled as ‘mental illness’ is in fact a search for the authentic self of the afflicted individual. If this sudden expansion, is then allowed to...
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Diagnosis & Therapy

Mending the Broken Frame: Self-Narration in a Constructionist Framework

The communal construction of mental illness makes recovery a daunting challenge since society largely perceives the psychiatrically ill as ‘deficient’. Not only does one have to deal with the illness itself, one additionally has to deal with the perpetual stigma associated with the labeling, increasing the personal consequences of these illnesses. In my own journey through mental illness, I have repeatedly...
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