Alternatives to DSM & ICD

The One-On-One Program: A Remarkable Alternative to the Psychiatric Drugging of Our Youth

Today, when parents express a concern about their youth’s behavior, mood or attention span to a physician, typically within a matter of minutes this expressed concern is translated into a mental illness conceptualization using the DSM.  The parents are then sent on their way, prescription in hand. For those of us who believe that...
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Diagnosis & Therapy

The Classification Versus Diagnosis Debate

There has been an interesting discussion going on at the International Diagnostic Summit (). Dr Tim Carey, in his thoughtful post, “DSM – Unfit for Purpose,” informs us that The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) …purports to be, first and foremost, a diagnostic manual. Diagnosis, as it is defined in Wikipedia,...
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Proposing Alternatives

The Classification and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Concerns: An Alternative to the DSM that is Practical and Consistent with the Principles of Science

I have been enjoying reading the various posts at the International Diagnostic Summit ().  There, readers can examine well-articulated descriptions of the numerous faults of the DSM.  At the same time, there is an understanding that criticism is far more useful when, in addition to pointing out the faults of something, it is combined...
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