Contrarian Concepts

Deconstructing Psychiatry’s Ever-Expanding Bible

Recent studies have called into question the fifth and latest version of psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’s creation of new diagnostic entities and categories that are scientifically unsubstantiated and that over-pathologize vulnerable populations such as young children and the elderly. In an earlier blog post, I criticized the DSM-5 for pathologizing grief by classifying...
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Critiques of Diagnosis

Can Evolutionary Theory Help Us Define Mental Disorder?

Note: Jerome Wakefield gave a presentation on his harmful dysfunction approach to defining mental disorders at SUNY New Paltz in March 2011. Jonathan Raskin served as discussant, and his response, reproduced here, remains highly relevant in light of ongoing debates about how the upcoming DSM-5 should define mental disorder. Video of both Dr. Wakefield’s and Dr. Raskin’s presentations...
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