Pressing Issues

In-person Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives

The Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives (GSDA) is an online, ongoing platform for rethinking mental health. Two days prior to the 2014 American Psychological Association (APA) convention in Washington, , GSDA will host an in-person meeting of 20 to 25 researchers and practitioners in order to address alternatives to the current diagnostic paradigm and...
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Cultural Issues

The Normalization of Difference in Our Children

How in a Progressive Society we use this to Minimize the Excessive and Erroneous Diagnostic Labeling of Childhood Behaviors. A starting point for all my professional involvements with children to help engage them positively in the process, is what I call the Normalising Conversation. This is an ongoing process which one revisits and develops each...
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Diagnosis in Practice

Mental Suffering and the DSM-5

  In his writings on the topic of diagnosis, the French philosopher and physician Georges Canguilhem makes a crucial distinction between pathology and abnormality, thus paving the way for the studies of his student Michel Foucault on the topics of psychiatric power and biopolitics. In Canguilhem’s view, decision making about normality and abnormality is generally...
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