Pressing Issues

International Summit to Develop New Approaches to Mental Health Diagnosis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Society for Humanistic Psychology, a Division of the American Psychological Association GLOBAL SUMMIT ON DIAGNOSTIC ALTERNATIVES ANNOUNCES INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON MENTAL HEALTH Washington, , July 23, 2014 – In the wake of major criticisms of the current approaches to mental health diagnosis, an international summit of experts is convening to explore more humane ways...
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Diagnosis in Practice

The Cultural Amelioration of Negative Social Constructs of Difference – in the Context of Holistic Psychological Formulation

A negative focus on difference damages an individual human being’s ability to make relative progress in a range of important skill areas. Reframing negative constructs of difference to being more positive manifestations of a human being’s right to individuality, creativity, and potentiality is a process that is well under way in society but there...
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Alternatives to DSM & ICD

The ‘No Labeling’ Alternative

I believe it is morally wrong and intellectually shoddy to “diagnose” someone because he hates his job, finds his subjects in school boring, becomes paralyzed in the face of hard choices, or is made severely anxious by his lack of success. These and a million similar human experiences are not “symptoms of mental disorders”...
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Cultural Issues

The Case of Tina and Bruce: An Introduction

I will start my recent post by presenting two clinical examples. Names are changed to maintain anonymity. The client (Tina) enters the room to discuss her anxiety, inability to concentrate, and an overwhelming feeling that others continue to speak ill of her. These symptoms contribute to constant behavioral impediments and cognitive dysfunction. As she...
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