Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives

Steering Committee

  • Frank Farley; L. H. Carnell Professor, Temple University, former President of American Psychological Association, USA
  • Lucy Johnstone; Clinical Psychologist, Bristol, UK
  • Peter Kinderman; Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Jonathan D. Raskin; Professor of Psychology and Counseling, State University of New York at New Paltz

Committee Members

  • Tim Carey; Professor in Mental Health, Flinders University, Australia
  • Anne Cooke; Principal Lecturer in Applied Psychology, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
  • Lisa Cosgrove; Associate Professor of Counseling and School Psychology, University of Massachusetts at Boston
  • Chloe Detrick; Research Assistant, Society for Humanistic Psychology, USA
  • Barry Duncan; Psychotherapist, trainer, and researcher, USA
  • Harris Friedman; Professor Emeritus, Saybrook University, USA
  • Louis Hoffman; Professor of Clinical Psychology, Saybrook University, USA
  • Lois Holzman; East Side Institute, USA
  • Sarah Kamens; Society for Humanistic Psychology, USA
  • V. Krishna Kumar; Professor of Psychology, West Chester University, USA
  • Eleanor Longden; Research Psychologist, UK
  • Eric Maisel; Family Therapist, USA
  • Richard Pemberton; Chair, British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology, UK
  • Brent Dean Robbins; Associate Professor of Psychology, Point Park University, USA
  • Donna Rockwell; Michigan School of Professional Psychology, USA
  • Jeffrey Rubin; Licensed Psychologist, USA
  • Shawn Rubin; Professor of Clinical Psychology, Saybrook University, USA
  • Kirk J. Schneider; Licensed Psychologist, USA
  • Sarah Schulz; Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science, Point Park University, USA

Working Groups


    • ChargeTo generate a set of scientific and ethical standards/guidelines for the development of diagnostic and descriptive nomenclatures for mental distress; the standards are intended to represent “best practice” in classification and description, and in this way, will be applicable to both the current/mainstream diagnostic models and to any present or future alternative.
    • Members: Lisa Cosgrove, Barry Duncan, Sarah Kamens (chair), Eleanor Longden, Sarah Schulz


    • Charge: Networking and promotion; outreach to public; outreach to media, publications, and community.
    • Members: Tim Carey, Frank Farley, Harris Friedman, Louis Hoffman, Lois Holzman, Peter Kinderman, Donna Rockwell (chair), Shawn Rubin, Sarah Schulz

Identifying Alternatives

    • Charge: To examine dimensions/axes of relevance in any viable alternative; to develop descriptive ways of identifying problems or concerns; and to propose other possibilities for diagnostic alternatives.
    • Members: Frank Farley, Lucy Johnstone, V. Krishna Kumar, Eric Maisel, Jonathan Raskin, Brent Dean Robbins, Jeffrey Rubin (chair), Kirk Schneider

Summit II Planning 

    • Charge: To develop plans and seek funding for the next summit, to be held in Spring/Summer 2015
    • Members: Brent Dean Robbins, Sarah Kamens, Shawn Rubin, Peter Kinderman, Richard Pemberton (chair)

Consultants to the Committee

  • Richard Bentall; Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Mary Boyle; Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of East London, UK
  • Pat Bracken; Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director of Mental Health Services, West Cork, Ireland
  • Joanne Cacciatore; Assistant Professor, Arizona State University School of Social Work, USA
  • David Castle; Professor of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Jack Carney; Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Brooklyn, New York
  • Jacqui Dillon; Chair, Hearing Voices Network, UK
  • Suman Fernando; Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, London Metropolitan University, former Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Daniel Fisher; Consultant Psychiatrist, National Empowerment Centre, USA
  • Dave Harper; Reader in Clinical Psychology, University of East London, UK
  • Dayle Jones; Associate Professor, University of Central Florida, USA
  • Patrick Landman; Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Paris, France
  • Eleanor Longden; Psychologist, London, UK
  • Steve Majerus; Department of Psychology: Cognition and Behavior, University of Liège, Belgium
  • Jason McCarty; Psychotherapist, British Columbia, Canada
  • Nancy McWilliams; Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Rutgers University, USA
  • Gordon Milson; Clinical Psychologist, Manchester, UK
  • Sharna Olfman; Professor of Psychology, Point Park University
  • Bradley Olsen; President-Elect, Division 48 of American Psychological Association; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Chicago, USA
  • Ana Padilla; University College London,  UK
  • Dave Pilgrim; Professor of Health and Social Policy, University of Liverpool, UK
  • John Read; Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Melissa Raven; Research Fellow, Flinders University, Australia
  • Dave Traxson; Educational Psychologist, UK
  • Sara Tai; Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, University of Manchester, UK
  • Phil Thomas; Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Bradford, former Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Sam Thompson; University of East London, UK
  • Sami Timimi; Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Steve Trenchard; Chair, International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis, UK
  • Martin Whitely; Parliament of Western Australia, Australia